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EZ STAND - Invisible Laptop Stand

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Aren't most laptop stands unattractive and too bulky?

No stands out there are sleek enough to bother buying! You don't want to carry something huge and spend minutes trying to set it up.

The INVISIBLE EZ Stand is the most stylish and convenient stand out there for you! Not only that, it's as light as 3 envelops & as thin as a penny.

It's perfect for minimalists like you! It'll compliment your appearance everywhere; in cafes, while traveling, or at your home, with a 2-seconds set-up!

The classy EZ Stand is here to stand hard n strong for your needs, in a premium PU and fiber glass body.

This stand is specially designed for people who like to travel and don't want to own laptop stands!

The ergonomic EZ Stand lets you position your wrists comfortably and prevents stiff-necks.

Keep things cool. Perfect anti-heat positioning to ventilate your laptop!

Be fashionable. Travel light. Live easy.

Order yours now with 30% OFF! (Only for the first 250 orders! Price will revert back to original after that)

✔️The Lightest & Slimmest: 3oz/98g & 3mm/0.1"

✔️Easiest Installation & Set-Up: 2 steps

✔️Ergonomic Adjustments: 8cm/3" & 5cm/2"

✔️Premium Feel Material & Minimalist Design

✔️Perfect Up To 15.6" Laptops/Macs

✔️Strong PU & Fiber-Glass Body: Holds 18 lbs

✔️Cooling: Thermal Heat Dissipation Tech

Why EZ Stand?

For a seated position:
If your laptop is too high (ordinary stands), then your wrists will hurt.
If your laptop is too low (no stand), then your eyes and neck will hurt.




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